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Other Services

We can repair and restretch carpets. If your carpet has loosened causing ripples we can restretch it! Does it have burns or have torn or fraid seams we can help! Sometimes a little repair goes a long way.

Hard Floor Restoration

We can restore or refinish your hard floor surfaces including a protectant seal applied. For slate, granite, marble, terrazo, linoleum and limestone. Our technique removes all layers of old wax build up or dirt accumulation. We can remove any blemishes or scratches and fill in any areas to match the entire floor. Bring back the beauty to your floors!

re-waxed floor

Mattress Cleaning

Are those dust mites in your bedding? For a small additional fee we can clean your mattresses and you can sleep great knowing it is clean! We can steam clean your mattress or use a disinfectant and our high power vacuum system….

Auto Carpet Cleaning

Did you know we can deep clean the dirt and odors out of your Automobile? Whether mans best friend has been riding with you or if you smoke. We can help eliminate those odors and get your Automobile smelling good again!

RV and Boat Carpet Cleaning

Often the carpet gets more abused in recreational vehicles than anywhere else. Because of the elements where they are used. We suggest calling to schedule your RV after any big trips. Boats should be scheduled on a regular basis, depending on the usage.