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Over time if your Tile and Grout have started to look “dirty” or “dingie” it is because dirt and dust have become trapped in the deep crevices and pores.

Don’t spend your time on your hands & knee’s trying to clean the Tile and Grout, let us do the hard work for you.

We have  top quality products designed just for Tile and Grout cleaning, making the cleaning process much more thorough than you could do with a brush and cleaning agent alone.

We will move the appliances so that we can completely clean kitchen areas. Then a special product that is designed for cleaning Tile and Grout is used for pre-treatment to loosen the soil. Next comes the scrubbing with our special rotary scrubber, which will also rinse and extract, leaving your Tile and Grout beautiful and almost totally dry. Last we use a small edge tool to make sure your Tile and Grout are clean in the small or tight areas. You may also want to have the grout lines sealed, just ask our Carpet Cleaning Technician if it would be of benefit for your home or business. Let us bring the beauty back again!

tile and grout cleaning

Dirty and Clean tile and grout